Register with the Practice

To register with the Practice, you will need to complete  three forms (available to complete online and then print) and bring these, along with some proof of identity, to the Practice. It is also beneficial to hand in repeat medications from your previous Practice.  Please let us know if you have ever been previously registered with the Practice.

You may be invited to attend a consultation with one of the Practice Nurses or a GP. This enables us to give you a health check and gives you the opportunity to discuss any health problems you may have.  You can also use our self serve area in the back corridor of the Practice which has weighing scales, height measurement and BP monitor for you to use and record yourself. Please either hand in the slip to reception or into the red post box located across from reception.

You will be registered as a patient of the Practice rather than with any specific GP. This Register with the practicemeans that you are welcome to consult with any of the GPs in the Practice. While the Practice will endeavour to arrange an appointment with a preferred GP, this may not always be possible.

Please note that you will need to be resident within the Practice boundary, and your address will be checked to confirm that you do. If you have any doubts please contact the Practice.

Please also note that if you make an appointment prior to handing in your registration forms you must hand these in to reception at least 24 hours before your appointment time in order for reception staff to be able to register you on the computer system.  If you turn up at your appointment with your documents you may be asked to reschedule the appointment.