Online pregnancy and parent craft resources to help you prepare for parenthood: East Lothian Community Midwives 2020

NHS Choices pregnancy and baby guide contains links to useful information & video clips about labour and birth including signs of labour, analgesia options, what your birth partner can do to help and getting to know your newborn. Within the newborn section you will also find links to information about breastfeeding, bottle feeding and the early days.

BASIS: The baby sleep information website contains information on safe sleeping. They also have a free app called “Infant sleep” which can be useful in the first few weeks.

UNICEF breastfeeding support page has videos showing effective positioning and attachment for breastfeeding and relationship building.

Breast Feeding Support

There is a live zoom breastfeeding support group being held on Monday mornings between 10-12 for residents of East Lothian. To register for this event pleae call or text
Kat Prangle on 07838 328 518 or email

One to one support can also be arranged via the above contact details.